Second Gate

The work of
Łukasz Krysiewicz

What do I do

I tell stories using various visual tools like graphic design, photography or videos. I specialize in smaller projects that need quick delivery and express ideas.

I can get you a poster, a booklet or a webpage. I especially enjoy the projects with a range of medias involved and where all those needs to correspond to each other.

Besides that, I am working as a videographer. Experienced in music videos, quick commercials or a video coverage from various types of events. I also have a small experience with feature film sets and quite a long history with archivizing theater spectacles.

When needed, I enjoy doing photos. From theater shows, through events coverage to fashion shoots. Lately, I’m looking for a little more creative way for my photography and publishing on my Instagram.

The core of my non-artsy work though, was building user interfaces, especially for the web, and then bringin them to life using front-end coding. This stays true to this day, empowered by the aspects of user experience design.

In the end - I enjoy projects with a range of skills required. And those skills could even be carpenting or stage design - the weirder, the better as I believe that one can use various design techniques to solve the oddest of problems.

graphic & print design
key visuals
building websites & apps
web & app design
user experience design
graphic user interfaces
front-end web developement
music & feature videos:
camera operator

second gate
is the work of łukasz krysiewicz

Where can you see my work

As I work in various fields, I do not have a single online portfolio page. You can check me out on those online platforms though or just ask me for specified portfolio.

Graphics and UI

How can you contact me

Just send a mail to

I am currently super occupied and cannot jump into any more projects, but try reaching out – maybe we will find a solution.

I am currently based in Białystok, Poland but I have a good experience with working remotely or partially remotely.